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4 Steps to Loving Your Job

Throughout your career journey, there are likely to be plenty of stops along the way. While you may not have your dream job just yet, today’s lagging economy means there are still plenty of reasons to be appreciative of the job you do have!

Check out these key steps to loving your job:

1) Get Yourself Motivated

Every day, vow to focus on the positive aspects of your job rather than the negative ones.

2) Vow to Network More

Just because you have a job, that doesn’t mean you should stop networking. In fact, people who stop networking just because they’re comfortable in a job may end up hurting themselves if they’re back on the job hunt later. Be proactive about your networking efforts – attend networking events, reach out to professionals whose work you admire, invite long time contacts out for coffee to reconnect. Anything you can do to keep old relationships strong and seize opportunities to forge new ones.

3) Challenge Yourself

Taking on new projects can be a great way to show your boss you’re adaptable and a valuable asset to the company. Offer to step in where you normally wouldn’t have responsibilities. Or, ask your boss if you can shadow a colleague in another department to learn how various aspects of the company work. Your boss will like to see you taking initiative to beef up your skills and this can also reflect well on you come promotion time.

4) Ask About Telecommuting 

Determine if you have a job that would be suitable for working at home. Do you have all the necessary software? Can you keep to deadlines? Can you turn in projects electronically? Will you be able to keep your boss updated on your progress? Take advantage of our technologically-connected world by asking your boss if you can do a test run working from home one day. If it works out, you may be able to snag a few additional days each month during which you can telecommute as this will do wonders for your work-life balance.

Loving your job often takes nothing more than a slight attitude change and a motivation to seize new opportunities to help you grow. Consider these tips as you gear up for your career in 2017. Good luck!

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