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5 Top Foods To Boost Your Work Productivity!!

We have given you 5 of the top foods to increase your productivity because sometimes light music in the background and turning off your messages just isn’t enough. These foods can increase your focus, memory, and stabilize your mood. And when you get enough of them on a consistent basis you get more productive days, weeks and months as a result.


There are so many nuts and they are all good for you. Packed with nutrients, fats, and a tiny bit of carbs, these foods are nature’s energy packages. They are easy to eat, easy to incorporate into other healthy foods, and easily portable.


The darling of the fruit world. Blueberries are nature’s brain packages. There are more antioxidants in 1 blueberry than in 1 super-packed supplement. These nutrients in blueberries show the ability to greatly improve memory, verbal comprehension, decision making, and numerical ability.


The fats in salmon are the primary reason for eating this fish. It is very high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and is the animal we can most easily obtain them from. These fats are important for making new neural pathways. You just have to temper eating salmon with the risk of contamination. All wild salmon contain mercury from human waste dumping. But, it’s still healthier than farmed salmon, which contain little, if any, omega-3 fatty acids.


This one is a must for men. They contain several fats that are important for brain health, like ELA and ALA. They are also packed with zinc.Men lose more zinc than women, since zinc is a large component to seminal fluids. During stressful times, we use more zinc in our bodies and men lose more seminal fluids. If you eat your pumpkin seeds, you have a fast replacement, and this allows you your stress release and keeps your body sharp.


It’s rich in fiber, iron and magnesium, which all help the brain receive blood flow. The flavanols in dark chocolate increase blood flow, and the function of the heart, which can improve memory. It also contains the stimulants caffeine and theobromine. It’s better than coffee!

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