Interview Guide – Questions To Avoid!

Here at Dobson Welch Recruitment once you get to the interview stage, we would like to give you a few pointers to help you succeed in your interview. Normally before an interview, candidates are advised on preparing questions to ask the employer as this can be a real deal breaker. But just important are the questions you shouldn’t ask, for future interviews we advise you to avoid these questions:

Never ask about salary or benefits. You will come across as more interested in what you can gain from the position rather than what you can give to it.

Never ask about hours, weekend work or when you can take a holiday. It will seem that your time away from work is more important to you than actually clinching this position now. If you need to ask about the kind of hours you might be expected to work ask, ‘what is a typical work day like’. To do any proper negotiation on hours or holidays, wait until you’ve been offered the role.

Never ask about how quickly promotion might be possible or when you can start applying for other roles in the company. The interviewers want to hire for this position and probably want to fill it for the foreseeable future. They might think that you are just trying to get a foot in the door with this job, which might count against you.

Never ask about gossip that you’ve heard. This never looks good as you could be seen as a gossip.

Most important of all, never ask nothing.

Dobson Welch are here to help all of their candidates and potential candidates reach their perfect role, please visit our website for further information about the support we offer candidates.


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