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Top Tips To Starting Your New Job!

Landing a new job can be a very exciting time, especially if its a role you’ve been seeking for a long time. Now it’s time to walk into the office on your first day, under your brand new job title. Its only normal to feel nervous about what’s to come, but the important thing is walking in to the role with confidence and enthusiasm. Here are a few tips to help you settle in your new role and result in you achieving greater job prospects.

1) Build Relationships

Work is work, and of course you’re going to have to fulfil whatever it is that’s on your job spec. But another important aspect that comes with work is how you interact and get on with the people you’re surrounded with everyday. In the first few months of a new job you should focus on creating relationships with those around you, and getting a feel for the company culture and how things work. Do people eat lunch together or is it more about desk lunches? Are official calendar meetings preferred to casual chats? These are just some of the little things you’ll discover in your first few months.

2) Set Targets

Before you begin in your new role, it’s important to set out your goals and targets for the future. Sit down with your manager or boss and discuss what they want from the role. If you’re in a sales position, consider specific quotas or targets you’re aiming for. If you’re not in a sales position, it’s a good idea to consider how you’ll measure success in the role.

3) Make Your Mark

An important thing you’re going to want to do in the first few months of a new role is to make your own mark. You should demonstrate a remarkable work ethics from the get-go. You should approach new projects with the passion that got you the job in the first place. Work hard and leave complacency at the door – you’ll have more of an impact if you arrive at the office everyday, raring to go.

4) Find Your Direction

Getting a new job is a two way thing. Not only is it a great hire for the company – it’s also a great step in the right direction for your career. In the early months of your new role you should really step back and consider what you want to get from the job. Whether it’s experience in a certain part of the job or developing your skills in another area. Prioritise the role for you, whilst still completing all your tasks.

Most of all remember that everyone’s been the newbie before and its totally normal to be a bit nervous at the very beginning.

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