Why Use A Recruitment Agency?

Recruiting new talent is not just a case of putting out an advert on a job board and taking your pick from the responses.

The CIPD calculates that the cost of a company recruiting themselves is around £2k for a lower level admin type position and much more as the level of the role increases.

What are the costs?

–        Writing a good advert. This can take a lot of time to get right. We have specialist expertise at writing good, engaging adverts that sell the role and the firm to potential candidates and attract good talent.

–        Job boards and advertising.  These aren’t cheap. We use several means of finding personnel to suit our clients’ requirements and this all adds up.

–        Reviewing Responses.  Each response and CV needs to be carefully reviewed to ensure nothing is missed and the best potential candidates are selected for the next stage of the process. Again, this can be very time consuming and would cost a lot of money for a company to undertake themselves.

–        1st stage interview.  Once we have set aside CVs we think have good potential to fulfil the role we are recruiting for, we conduct a first stage interview over the phone. We talk through the candidate’s experience to ensure this is relevant to the role we are recruiting for and also gives us a feel for their personality. This is vital as every business has its own culture and it’s crucial that the candidate will fit in with this if they are to last long term.  Again this all takes time.

–        Placement leaves or doesn’t fit in.   We offer a free replacement if the person we recruit for you turns out not to be the right person for the job or leaves.  If a business had to go through this whole process again, then the cost to the company would double.

At Dobson Welch we take the ‘Consultant’ part of our role very seriously and we can offer advice on all sorts of things.  You can use our expertise to help with everything from your recruitment and induction process to advice on what staff we think you need to make your company more efficient and achieve your business goals.

The Consultants at Dobson Welch come from a variety of backgrounds and have wide contact networks within the business community which can use to put our clients in touch with for various business support and advice.

Why choose us……

We have access to some of the best candidates both on and off the market. We can turn vacancies round within 24 hours.

The emphasis for us is Recruitment ‘Consultant’. We do much more than match vacant positions with available applicants to find the perfect match for your business.

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