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6 Scary Candidates That Will Haunt You When Recruiting

Spooky season is upon us so we’re all prepared to play a game of Trick or Treat, but not when you’re recruiting for a new employee. 

But recruitment can come with a risk of landing with a spook. Here are six scary candidates that will haunt you when recruiting and what we do to avoid them…

1. The Ghost

We’ve all come across Ghosts at some point – these are candidates who disappear during the recruitment process.

No matter when it might be, whether it’s just before the interview or after they accepted the job offer – being ghosted by the candidate is a nightmare that all employers fear. 

How the team at Dobson Welch become your Ghostbusters:

We find that when a candidate applies for a role through a recruitment company, they communicate better as it’s not necessarily them who has to deliver the bad news of not wanting the job – they can go through us. 

This means that we will catch the ghosting earlier and be able to continue to find new potential candidates to fill the role quickly and more efficiently.

2. Frankenstein

Someone who you’ll be surprised to see but who has been built to become very fearsome – the candidate who comes to an interview or exam without any preparation.

The awkward silences, the waste of time and resources, the disappointment – there are many reasons to fear this candidate. 

Unfortunately, you might find that there’s little you can do to avoid this happening at least once during your recruitment process as it’s difficult to tell who will be a Frankenstein when you read their application. 

How we stop the Frankensteins from finding you: 

By giving us the power to shortlist candidates who apply for your job opening, we screen any suspect Frankensteins and ensure everyone who we put in front of you is willing to make the effort to impress. 

On top of that, we offer candidates our support and advice prior to any interviews to ensure they are fully prepared and confident beforehand – so you won’t need to worry about them being unprepared.

3. The clown

We all know that Clowns tell fibs and play tricks on you, and unfortunately, they can bring this to the recruitment world as well. 

The Clowns are those candidates who lie on their CV – whether that be about their interests, experience or qualifications. 

These candidates are scary because they sometimes only take off their masks when they’ve been hired and have started the job, and there can be some scary things behind those masks.

Luckily, the Dobson Welch recruiters are the Batmans to every Joker:

When candidates know they’re being observed, they’ll have their best mask on, but our well-honed skills in identifying human behaviours mean we can suss out the real deal from the fake.

While some Clowns might think that they won’t be caught out because the recruiter doesn’t work in the specific sector – this isn’t the case with Dobson Welch. 

Our team are specialists in their sectors and know what to look out for to spot lies in an application. We will always go the extra mile to find the right candidate for your company, even when our competitors have failed to do so.

4. Michael Myers

When you think you’ve finally found the perfect candidate for the job role, they spook everyone and leave the position vacant again. 

Just like how Michael Myers has a new film every Halloween, some job openings are always coming back for a sequel. 

A large portion of candidates start looking for new jobs soon after beginning a new role. This is due to being given limited information about their day-to-day tasks during the interview process and walking into their new job blindly. 

If you’ve felt the frustrations of going through the expense of being unable to fill a role, then it’s not your fault. While there are clues that someone is not fit for the role, it’s not always easy to pick up on them, especially when your day job’s not in HR.

There’s no need for Holy Fire with the tricks we’ve got up our sleeves:

We have a candidate database and know where to look for top-quality talent who haven’t even seen your ad and aren’t even looking for a new job. 

Never again will you have to re-upload your job ad due to hiring the wrong candidate, we’ve filled vacancies that our competitors haven’t been able to because we know what we’re looking for and where to look.

5. The Witch

Witches love to use their magic powers to trick you. These candidates go through the recruitment process with new companies not because they want a new job, but because they want to receive a counter-offer from their current employer. 

The worst part about Witches is that their evil plans usually work and they either go back to their current employer or a competitor who offered them a better package than you. 

How we make sure Witches don’t get close: 

We pre-screen all candidates that gain direct contact with you, so we’ll make sure that they’re serious before continuing the recruitment process. No more surprises!

6. The Zombie

A Zombie is a candidate who did well throughout the recruitment process – their experience is unmatched and they’ve matched the necessary skills listed. 

But when they start the job, it quickly becomes clear that they’re not perfect after all – they lack the energy to actually do the job. They could have all the brains required for the job, but if they’re not willing to apply them then they soon infect other employees and you’ll be at risk of having an apocalypse of laziness in the workplace.

We’ll fight the Zombies for you:

We’re not only looking for technical expertise – We’re interested in finding you a candidate with the right values, aspirations and personality that fits perfectly into your business. We’ll never place a candidate who we feel isn’t 100% right.

Avoid any recruitment spooks this Halloween by leaving it to the experts - contact us today to find out more!

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