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Did you know the UK is one of the world’s leading financial centres? The financial services sector is the engine of the UK’s economy with recent figures showing the industry contributes around £173.6 billion to the UK economy, 8.3% of total economic output.

London, Scotland, the South East and North West of England also make significant contributions to the commercial finance industry.

Dobson Welch has a wealth of experience partnering with financial services clients. It’s our mission to find the best candidates in the job market to help you reach your goals, whatever your area of finance. Our expert consulting team have their nose to the ground and will source the right talent for your company, not only in terms of experience and qualifications but also in how they will fit your company culture. With the right team on board, your business with thrive and grow.

Why work with Dobson Welch Recruitment Ltd?

Ten+ years in recruitment for banking and other financial institutions

A passion and clear understanding of financial services

A successful track record in assisting companies nationwide

We can source high volumes of staff in a short timeframe

Executive search capabilities for senior and management-level roles

We take the time to get to know you and your business needs

Financial Service roles we recruit for

Our specialism in financial recruitment extends to all your hiring needs. We have a pedigree in securing the right personalities to fit right into your company in the following sectors:

It takes a certain temperament to thrive in sales, and especially those representing a financial product. We can seek out those with that rare performance driven mindset who will attract new leads for your business, while always showing integrity and an authentic passion for your product.

No business can run without the backbone of an administrative support team. For your company to run smoothly, we have a bank of fully vetted and qualified personnel waiting to take on the mantle of serving your business, supporting your senior level staff and sales team.

Underwriters are highly in demand due to the specialist and diverse nature of their skills. They innately analytical and have an understanding of statistics, they should be technical and possess a deep understanding of data. Though consultation with you, we will get to know the specific skills your underwriter needs.

It takes the right kind of people to successfully lead a team. They need the skills required in a sales role, but also people skills are a must-have to guide, motivate and encourage staff so they can do their best work, helping your business go from strength-to-strength. Our consultants are always on the lookout for the top candidates in in the market. The latter are not always searching for a job – so we go the extra mile to find them and sell your role to them with our executive search and head-hunting services.

Each area of finance requires a specialist approach to recruitment. You can’t simply migrate from one financial sector to another without the right expertise, so we take time to carefully select those who will be able to carry out their duties for you independently with minimal training and a full understanding of what’s required in all roles across asset finance.

Services we offer

High volume recruitment

Finding one person takes enough valuable time out of a hiring managers diary, but if you are running a recruitment drive for multiple positions, or you’re opening a new branch, we can source a large number of worthy candidates quickly and with ease thanks to our ready-made bank of fully vetted candidates.

Executive search

The best candidates for your senior management and C-suite level roles are often not actively looking for a role, so it’s our job to convince them why they should vacate their comfortable position and come and work with you. We will advise you on remuneration and ways to incentivise these much sought-after professionals.

Initial interviews

Save yourself the time and headaches sifting through CVs and filtering out the unsuitable candidates. Let us do the work of selecting a shortlist for your face-to-face interviews by carrying out a CV sift and initial interview on your behalf. That way, you know the people you welcome on interview day meet your essential requirements.

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