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The UK fashion industry reached £60.1 billion in 2022. So, what does that mean for you?

Right now, fashion houses and manufacturers are reliant on 800,000 people to keep its operations running and you’re only going to need more to fulfil increasing demand, not to mention replacing those who decide to career switch, pivot, move up the corporate ladder or leave altogether.

There will never been a time when you don’t need to recruit, so why not have a recruitment agency in your corner? Our fashion specialist has been recruiting in the industry for 15 years and covers both high street supply and high street retail.

Positions we are adept at filling are, among others, design, sales, account management, merchandising, production, garment technology and pattern cutting.

Why work with Dobson Welch Recruitment Ltd?

15 years of experience specialising in fashion recruitment

A successful track record in securing candidates for over 100 retailers

We shortlist for you, saving you time and effort

Executive search capabilities for specialist roles

We take the time to get to know you and your business needs

No upfront fee – you pay nothing until we find your perfect match

Sectors and roles that we recruit for

Our specialism in fashion recruitment extends to all your hiring needs. We have a pedigree in securing the right personalities to fit right into your company in the following sectors:

Do you need visionary designers with technical skill and to help you make your mark on the high street? We can source your next candidates in menswear, womenswear, kidswear, licensing and accessories.

To get your design in front of the right people, you need a team of sales professionals to communicate the benefits of your products to suppliers, fashion wholesalers and retailers. We will find those with the right values and drive to perform for your business.

Keeping a positive relationship with long-term clients is what helps your business thrive, so you need the people with the right interpersonal skills to oil the wheels of your client negotiations, as well as a passion for your product.

An essential function of any fashion manufacturer is ensuring your product looks its best in the right location. Getting the best merchandising professionals who can employ a creative eye as well as apply analytical skills to understand trends, pricing and demand is no easy feat – that’s where our recruitment specialists can save you time and heartache by seeking out those who make use of the left and right sides of their brain to come to the correct decisions.

We have a varied database of candidates suitable for work in the production of clothing for suppliers and retailers. If you’re looking to fill one vacancy or multiple, we can easily source the right people in a short time frame to make up your shortlist.

Garment technologists and pattern cutters are the lifeblood of any fashion house or manufacturer. They possess specialised technical skills to turn the designer’s vision into a workable product that’s easy to reproduce. We take the effort out of finding these highly qualified professionals so you can simply await our recommendations.

Services we offer

Assistance with job descriptions

Writing an advert can feel like you’re wading in the dark, but our recruitment team know how to pen the job description in such a way it compels the top candidates to apply. We can suggest power words and perks to attract quality applications and deter unsuitable matches.

Interview prep

Holding interviews can be daunting when you’re not used to doing them often. We will advise on the best questions to ask to elicit an honest, authentic reaction and show you what to look out for as red flags – or green lights – so you can trust your own judgement when making an offer.

Executive Search and Headhunting

The best candidates are not actively looking – they’re already in a job getting a great salary and not thinking about moving on. That’s where we come into our own. We source the candidates that are comfortable in roles and entice them with a better offer – yours.

Salary advice

To attract the most competitive candidates – especially those already in jobs – your remuneration package and benefits should reflect what they are worth to you and the market as a whole. We keep you in the know about what your competitors are paying so you can feel confident your offer stands up.


The administrative part of your recruitment takes away a lot of time from your day-to-day job and may not always be straightforward. Let us take this off your plate so you can make preparations to welcome your new starter to the team instead.

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