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Hiring is costly and time-consuming. There’s no guarantee you’ll have the right person at the end. Did you know that 46% of all new hires fail within 18 months? And that in 82% of cases, hiring managers could have avoided recruiting the wrong candidate by simply acting on the signs?

If you’ve felt the frustrations of going through the motions and expense of hiring only to find you recruited the wrong person, then it’s not your fault. While there are clues, it’s not always easy to pick up on them, especially when your day job’s not in HR. Furthermore, you probably only met the candidate once or twice before making the decision to take them on.

When interviewees know they’re being observed, they’ll be on their best behaviour, but our well-honed skills in identifying human behaviours mean we can suss out the real deal from the fake.

Ultimately this means you can get on with your job without taking time out to write and post advertisements, sift through CVs (did you know the average job posts receive 100 applications?) and then conduct initial interviews.

On the other hand, what if you don’t get 100 applications? You only get two or three to choose from? We have a candidate database and know where to look for top-quality talent who haven’t even seen your ad and aren’t even looking for a new job. Then we convince them to make the move and apply. Never again will you have to “scrape the bottom of the barrel”, “pick the best of a bad bunch” or even take your job ad down and do without for a few more months. We’ve filled vacancies that our competitors haven’t been able to because we know what we’re looking for and where to look.

Tailored recruitment service

Avoid hiring the wrong person

Save time writing ads, sifting through CVs and interviewing

Get access to a network of pre-screened candidates

We recently undertook some work for a Solicitors in Liverpool.

They were struggling to employ outbound sales agents for their Personal Injury Team. Claire was referred to them through a contact and went out to visit the sales manager.

After a lengthy meeting and understanding why they were struggling with their current methods, she suggested ways in which to improve how they recruited.

She went away and worked on their urgent vacancies. After numerous interviews, she presented them with a shortlist of three candidates deemed suitable for their business.

All candidates interviewed a couple of days later and two were offered the role.

Both accepted the offer.

The client was very happy and committed to working with Dobson Welch again in the future.

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