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Have you been ready to move for a while but felt nervous to take the plunge? Maybe you’ve been in your current job so long that the idea of filling in an application form gives you palpitations. Where do start remembering all your relevant skills and scenarios? Or you’ve been trying so long to move on with no luck.

You’ve come to the right place.

Our experts have over 15 years’ experience placing candidates just like you across a range of industries. It’s fair to say Dobson Welch has a knack for getting people into jobs they love.

Finding a new job is a full-time job in itself. You spend all day working and all evening filling in pages and pages of forms, often without even getting a reply. The average response rate for a job ad is 100 applicants, so how do you stand out? And if you’re one of the chosen few to get an interview, you have the enormous task of preparing your questions and delivering your answers competently. Who knows what will even come up?

 Even if you’re looking for something short-term while you save up for a trip of a lifetime or you simply want to get experience of different companies before you decide where to stay, we can help you find the right temporary position.

Matching you to your perfect job is only one side of what we do. Our breadth of expertise working closely with top 50 law firms, PR and marketing agencies, professional service providers and health care to name a few means we know exactly what the directors are looking for. We use this knowledge to help you get ready for interview. We’re on hand throughout the process to advice and guide you between application and interview. We understand what an anxious time this can be.

We’re not simply trying to fill vacancies, we want to get to know what makes you tick so we can find you a company where you’ll fit right in. The last thing we want is for you to have to find another job in six months’ time because you’re unhappy.

We can help our candidates with everything including

CV Writing

CV writing is an art that nobody was taught at school. Is it any wonder people get it wrong? We’ll help you format your CV in a way that makes recruiters stop in their tracks and keep on reading, pick up the phone and invite you for interview.

Cover Letters

For some companies it is essential that you provide a covering letter with your CV and some people do not know where to start. We can help you stand out from your competition and show potential employers how you can add value to their business.

Interview Advice

A job interview’s a job interview, the same as any other, right? Actually, did you know that there are lots of interview formats recruiters use? We’ll help you understand the important differences between them so you feel prepared and confident when you walk into yours.

Social Media

All recruiters are using the Internet to find candidates, so we’ll show you where to look for your next opportunity. First impressions start before the interview nowadays with employers checking your social media profiles before they even meet you, so we’ll audit your accounts to help you look the part.

Salary Guidance

When you’re brought up being told never to ask about money, it makes it difficult to know your worth or what you should be asking for. We take away the confusion by offering fair and honest advice according to the latest market data so you know how to pitch your salary requirements at interview

Confidential Communication

If you’re currently in a role, you probably don’t want your employer finding out. We don’t want to get you in trouble, so we carry out all communications with the ultimate discretion – we can keep a secret. What’s more, we’ll only pass on any information with your express permission.

In-Depth Knowledge into Specific Industries

While you’ve been working tirelessly to become the competent professional you are today, we’ve been spending that time researching your industry (and a number of others – financial services, property, telecoms, IT manufacturing, the list goes on…) so we can offer expert guidance for approaching your ideal employer.

Direct Approach into Businesses

Did you know that responding to an ad is only one way to apply for a job? You could be the perfect candidate they’re not even looking for. Our job is to help you get in front of your next employer by approaching the company directly. And we don’t mean going around town handing out paper CVs – We’ve got more sophisticated tricks up our sleeve.

Candidate Referral Scheme

If you’re not the right candidate for a job but you know someone who is, then if you recommend them to us and we fix them up with a job, we’ll send you a £50 voucher for a store or restaurant of your choice.

What our clients say...

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