Balancing practicality with personality: How recruiters find the perfect balance when matching employee with employer

Balancing Practicality with Personality: How Recruiters Find the Perfect Balance When Matching Employee with Employer

The day to day at a recruitment agency fundamentally revolves around people.

Our interactions with people in this world shape us. We learn what characteristics to look out for, the elements that shape someone’s journey through life, and fundamentally the traits that illuminate a bright spark.

When hiring without a recruitment agency, it’s easy for those challenged with the role to look solely for the practical qualities necessary for a job. Someone’s professional ability is of course an extremely important aspect to bear in mind when hiring. However, taking the approach of looking for this, and this only, runs the risk of employing an individual who doesn’t match your business’s outlook and ethos. The candidate needs to match job role necessities but also reflect and represent your company’s values and morals.

This brings us back to the importance of a recruiter’s eye. A recruiter not only looks at employment from a practical aspect, but they are trained in matching personalities and companies. Marrying the right employee with the right business, to create the perfect union – we’re practically the Cilla Blacks of the recruiting world.

So, how do we ensure this perfect match is met? Well, at a recruitment agency we have the time. As our sole purpose is to unite quality candidates with quality businesses, we ensure we devote the appropriate time and effort in getting to know the people we meet.

Since we’re an independent agency, we’re not bound by arbitrary targets, so we’re not having to send out a certain number of CVs each week to tick boxes. That means we can focus on quality candidate selection, rather than the number of candidates we introduce to a company. We won’t waste your time sending you candidates that don’t fit.

When we work with businesses we want to know their roots; we make sure to build the necessary strong relationships from day one. From here we take all their employment troubles away, keeping their values and expectations at the heart of every part of the process.

We take this approach with our candidates as well. We make sure we get to know them, devoting time to learning their strengths and discovering where they will shine.

From headhunting, sighting those initial sparks and practical matches, to thoroughly interviewing and screening candidates – as a recruiter we make it our goal to ensure candidates’ personalities match clients’ values – the perfect balance is always on our minds.

By keeping the person at the heart of every stage, we make connections that those not trained in the world of recruiting may miss. A person’s character is so important.  Finding the right fit in an employee paves way for their loyalty and commitment to the role and business they are in, creating sustainable relationships between business and employer.

So, let us find that perfect balance in your next employee.
Let us find you your next bright spark.

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