How Asset Finance Companies Benefit from Using an Asset Finance Recruitment Partner

How Asset Finance Companies Benefit from Using an Asset Finance Recruitment Partner

Asset finance companies that are sourcing candidates without using a specialised asset finance recruitment agency are missing a trick.

Recruitment is a costly business because you not only have to pay to get your ad posted on relevant jobsites, but in the time your hiring managers have to take away from their everyday roles.

What’s more, a hiring manager who is not regularly recruiting doesn’t have the expertise to sift and select the right talent.

A hiring mistake can be costly for the business as a whole – especially if you go to the effort of training them only for them to fail their probation. It can cost the firm three times the salary – is it worth the risk?

So how can Dobson Welch help your asset finance company with their recruitment needs?

Active advertising for asset finance roles

All the dull admin that comes with recruitment can disappear from your workload once you decide to work with Dobson Welch. We will write your job specifications after consulting with you. Our ads are compelling, using the right keywords that your future employees are searching for.

We’ll then post this throughout our network, including advertising on our premium job boards with no extra cost to you.

Making the selection process easier

Once the responses flood in, it’s now somebody’s job to sift through them all and pick out the top candidates to create a shortlist.

That’s our job – so you can go back to your everyday role and we’ll worry about the rest.

An existing database of talent

Not getting the responses you wanted from your advert? We have a ready-made database of keen workers who are interested in hearing about new opportunities. We’ll get in touch with them directly about your role if we feel they have the relevant expertise.

Headhunting the crème de la crème

Sometimes the right match is worth pursuing – and that’s when we don our headhunting caps. You won’t always get the right people applying directly. Why? Often the most sought-after professionals are happy in their work or their current employers are so delighted with them, they will do anything to keep them, including paying them very well. We actively search for the best talent in the asset finance industry and engage with them directly, presenting all the merits of your role to give them something to think about.

Starting initial discussions

You don’t want to busy yourself with conversations until you’re sure the relationship could have legs, so we conduct an initial chat to see if the person in front of us matches what they say on their CV. If we get a good feel, we’ll liaise with you about commencing official interviews. This saves you a lot of time communicating with people who may be unsuitable.

It doesn’t stop there…

Once you’ve interviewed your top candidates and settled on one, we’ll set the wheels in motion for gathering references, right to work documents and any other required paperwork, keeping your asset finance recruitment process headache free.

Get in touch today to start the ball rolling for a new asset finance talent attraction gameplan.

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