What can get you in trouble in your first week?

What can get you in trouble in your first week?

Once you’ve landed your dream job, that’s not the end of the story.

Your first week is essential for proving yourself, so avoid these activities that could get you in trouble before you’ve even had a chance to get settled in.

Being late for work

We all have late mornings from time to time, but if it’s your first week, try to be a little early and make allowances for bad public transport. Check the status for delays, cancellations or strikes.

Using your mobile phone for non-work activity

Save replying to your WhatsApp messages for your break time. It’s not worth the hassle of losing your job on your first day – mates will understand.

Assuming you know it all

An arrogant attitude can get your colleagues’ backs up. Not great for the workplace dynamic. While you want to sell yourself in the interview, once you’re in the job, it’s time for learning and a little humility, so accept any help or training with good grace. Your competence will speak for itself, you don’t have to go on about it.

Ignore colleagues

When working as a team, you have to make an effort to be friendly, even if you usually prefer quiet time while working. It’s just until you settle in and people get to know you. There’s nothing worse than coming across as aloof.

Being lazy

You’re new, and you’re learning, so being slower than average is normal for your first week. However, you need to look as though you’re trying hard. Don’t be complacent and make an effort.

All the points above can be summed up into one: have a great attitude
and have fun! 8 hours a day is a long time, so do your
best and enjoy yourself.

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