National Retailer

Our client is a large national retailer which employs around 600 staff with 200 stores across the UK is undergoing a significant expansion. As part of this growth the company is opening up new stores and also needs more employees to work in existing sites as junior staff are promoted and move into different positions.

Our Support

The company has its own in-house recruitment function but needs support from an external specialist when undertaking big recruitment drives.

We work closely with the management team and internal recruitment staff and we really become an extension of their team.

When we secure new clients we always take a detailed brief and spend a lot of time getting to know the company so we know exactly what they are looking for.

As well as finding CVs, we carefully screen potential candidates and basically act as a first stage interview. Each role has its own specific skillset so we ensure that applicants can demonstrate similar competencies.

The Outcome

We’ve helped with recruitment for all their vacancies including store managers, sales assistants and senior level staff and we are just about to embark on a further recruitment drive.

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